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Why Public Relations Are Imporatnt
Public Relations

Tips on Keeping your Public Relations running smoothly

It’s critically important for a company to have effective public relations both inside their company and outside the company with the public at large.  If the public has a good feeling about your company and products it is much more likely to buy your products and services.  Conversely, if they have a negative feeling about your company they will be less likely to use your services and products.

As a company it is important to have an overall goal or mission.  This mission should permeate throughout your company.  If you have a strong mission and you work everything else around that mission it will help you company to be successful.

It’s important to also include all players in your company when creating a mission that you will build from.  If everyone has a hand or input in the creation of your overall goal then they will be more likely to buy in and feel that they are responsible for achieving that mission.  Buy in from your employees is incredibly important as they will be more likely to be motivated and driven to achieve the mission when they are part of it’s creation.

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Here are some tips for helping ensure you work with those in your company to keep Public Relations running smoothly.

  • Include everyone in your company when you are working to create a mission or goal. There are many ways to achieve this goal.  You can have small focus groups to talk with employees about where they see your company going.

    Find out what they think the future of your company needs to be.  Use a large sheet of paper and just brainstorm.  Have them throw ideas out, no idea is a bad one.

  • Set some ground rules for these focus groups.  Some ideas for ground rules are: No judging ideas during brainstorming, use I statements if discussing ideas (to prevent hurt feelings),  Have a facilitator-someone who will run the group and help it keep on task, have a timekeeper to help keep things moving and efficient, have a rule of one person speaking at a time.  Once you have brainstormed the various ideas you can take those ideas and narrow them down.  Have your groups discuss them and pick their top 3 ideas for a mission. If you have an idea of what type of mission you are interested in having (for example: if you were a tech company, having easy to use devices, that are intuitive) then you will want to give a general topic for your focus groups to start with.  Once you have a 3 ideas from each group have them load those ideas into a google document that you created or some other type of shared document.


  • The next step would be to get all the ideas to the whole company and invite feedback utilizing a digital survey. Using a digital survey will let your employees see all the ideas and then respond to how they feel about them.  I would recommend using a scale for them to value each idea and have some place they can add comments in the survey.
  • Once you have the surveys back you should gather the data and interpret it. The interpreted data should then be shared with the company as a whole.  You can do this via an email, newsletter or department meetings.
  • Announce your new goal and mission to the company. This can be done via a whole company meeting or a webcast, depending on the size of your company.  Make it a festive event and make sure to thank them for helping to create the goal or mission.

The next step will be to work on implementing the goal and mission throughout your organization.  Keep an eye out on my blog for more tips!

I decided to start a blog about the topic of maintaining proper public relations within a company – for PR agencies and business owners because I believe there are parts of public relations that get lost sometimes in the focus on big press releases and global goals. There are lots of things to look at that can be easily overlooked.

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