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Tips for keeping internal communication open and promoting a positive internal public relations environment

The insights of employees are critical to the management and operation of a company.  Having a structure in place in your company that promotes communication and allows for open dialog is very important for the daily operation of a company.  It is critical to have two way communication throughout your organization.

In order to have an open dialogue with your employees and be privy to their insights you must have structures in place to promote this type of environment.

In this post I will give you some ideas for implementing a good structure for promoting communication within your organization.


  • Set up a system where employees can discuss the pros or cons of how something is being done. There are many ways this can be done.  You can utilize monthly meetings with management and employees.  In these meetings employees can talk about what is working and what is not.  Make sure this is a safe space where employees feel they can be honest and open with how they feel and go over any glitches they see happening.  You can also offer an anonymous survey where they can put their concerns or positive feedback.

    This can easily be created through Google forms.  Then at weekly or monthly meetings the management can talk about the issues raised and brainstorm solutions.

  • You can also use email to get out to the company issues that have been raised and ways it’s being addressed.
  • When working on new projects have regular check points where your request feedback from employees about how they see things working and any concerns they have about the new project and the systems in place to meet your goals. Employees will have great insights into if something is working or not.  You can gather the information from Employees by utilizing project review meetings to discuss the progress of projects and what is working well and what is not.

    You can also gather information through a Google form survey you send out about the project.

  • You can put in questions around the positive things that are working well and then have questions about what they would like to see improved or changed and how they would like to see the change happen.  Utilize email to get out the surveys.
  • Have point people for the project from within your employee group. In each department appoint a couple of people to be in charge of gathering information from their colleagues about how things are going.  Encourage employees to take notes on things they feel need to be fixed and communicate it right away to the point people for the project.  I would recommend the point people not be management and that you change point people for each new project roll out.  I would be upfront before the first time you appoint anyone that it will rotate for each project so that no one feels they did not perform their duties properly.
  • As you meet goals for your project review them with your employees. Share the information via email, Twitter, Facebook group, company newsletter and in person staff meetings.  Celebrate the accomplishments the employees have made to get to the goal.  Have a celebration coffee hour and highlight the goals accomplished so far as a team.  Have a large infographic showing where you have gotten to and where you are going.


Making sure your organization has a structure that promotes communication will promote a positive internal public relations environment.

It will ensure that communication is always open moving both ways. Employees will know important information and share vital information to the company in an effort to have a successful organization.

I decided to start a blog about the topic of maintaining proper public relations within a company – for PR agencies and business owners because I believe there are parts of public relations that get lost sometimes in the focus on big press releases and global goals. There are lots of things to look at that can be easily overlooked.

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