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Tips for increasing your employees buy in through internal public relations strategies

Tips for increasing your employees buy in through internal public relations strategies

As I have previously mentioned it is very important to have employee buy in regarding your goals and mission of your company.

I have previously posted about creating a goal with your employees as part of the process.   Using focus groups of employees to create your mission for your company will increase your employees buy in and feeling of being a part of your company.

This is good both for the company and the employees.  Once you have your mission you will want to get it out to your employees.  The initial stage of getting it out to your employees can be done through a large festive event which will get everyone excited.  Since you have worked on this mission with everyone in the company all departments had a hand in it, so it should be a cohesive idea working for everyone.


Marketing has probably already thought of ideas of how to get it out to the world, the Social Media section of your marketing has already begun to think

about how they can use various platforms to get the message out.  Here are some tips to help get the message of your mission out successfully to the full staff and the public.

  • Meet with each department to discuss their ideas of implementing your mission and getting the mission out to everyone.
  • Human resources might have ideas for putting information in future advertisements for positions, adding information to brochures given to new and existing employees.
  • They might suggest some professional development around your mission so that everyone has a good understanding of where the company is going and has all the tools to get there.
  • Discuss logos and visuals with your marketing design department. They can come up with a nice catchy saying that is easy to remember for your internal and external public relations documents.
  •       Work with your departments on how to get the word out to the public.
  • Utilize outreach events such as a charity event. Become a sponsor and have a table setup with your materials.  Get some give always with your catchy mission on it.  Stress balls are always a fun giveaway or Water bottles are a nice option as well.  Your Social Media department can get the word out on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.  Make sure to utilize these platforms.  Create a visual with your catchy mission.  Encourage your employees to re-post to their personal pages.  Remember they are part of the mission so the hope they are proud of this mission.  Share possible posts with your employees so it will be easy for them to post it or share your post links via email to your employees in your weekly or monthly newsletter.
  • Add your mission to the web page. In addition to the mission, talk about on the website how your company came up with the mission through a collaborative effort by all the employees.  Highlight the process that happened and share pictures of the collaborative process.
  • Make sure to have links on the website to the various platforms so it is easy to share with employees social media accounts.
  • Send out press releases to the local and national papers. Highlight the process your company went through to come up with the mission and why the mission is important to your company.


The next step would be to work on the specific projects related to your mission and working with your employees on a ideas of what projects are the best way to go.  Then you will want to get the word out about the projects to the public as well.

I decided to start a blog about the topic of maintaining proper public relations within a company – for PR agencies and business owners because I believe there are parts of public relations that get lost sometimes in the focus on big press releases and global goals. There are lots of things to look at that can be easily overlooked.

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