My Story

I decided to start a blog about the topic of maintaining proper public relations within a company – for PR agencies and business owners because I believe there are parts of public relations that get lost sometimes in the focus on big press releases and global goals. There are lots of things to look at that can be easily overlooked.

Notice I said within a company. In order for a company to be successful the company must think from the ground up.

Public relations are not only about the external public relations but the internal relations within the company. Companies need to always think about what’s going on in the inside of their company as well as how the public is seeing the company.

Throughout this blog I will discuss a variety of topics around public relations and maintaining proper public relations within a company. I will review some of the below topics in this blog:


Focusing on your public relations inside your company. Talking with employees, finding out their perspective and ideas. I will discuss why this is important and some ways to focus on this idea.

  • Different strategies for connecting with your employees to enhance your company culture. Enhancing the culture of a company in the end improves performance and a desire to stay at the company.
  • Getting your company’s vision out there, both within the company and outside the company. Strategies for how to get this done and have the larger vision permeate the rest of the company to help you meet your goals and vision.
  • Using social media to connect with your customers and employees. What the best ways to do this are and how you should use the social media platforms available to you.
  • How to handle emergencies in the best way. There might be crisis in your company or in the community your company is in. How can you handle this in the best way is a common question. I will review different ways you can make sure you handle unforeseen tragedies and emergencies in the best possible way. Have some crisis plans in place will make things much easier in the situation that there is a crisis.
  • Outreach events are an important part of any Public Relations strategy. This applies not only to outside company events but to internal ones as well. Having employee events can boost morale and help everyone get on board with new initiatives. Getting your employee’s excited and involved in upcoming events can be critical to making them a success. Outside of the company you can let the community know what you are working on. Sponsoring an event to share your vision and to add something fun to the community can pay off in spades for your company.
  • Sponsoring Fundraisers for charity is a great way to gain trust with your employees and your community. It helps your company connect with both the community and the employees increasing the good feelings about your company.

These are some of the topics I plan to cover in this blog. I look forward to sharing my ideas with you and hearing your thoughts on maintaining proper public relations with your company.