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Improving your internal public relations within your company

Having your employees on board and being part of your company’s plans will help your company be successful.  As I discussed in my previous posts it is vital to have your employees in mind when implementing plans and keeping them in the loop for upcoming projects.  Don’t be afraid to try something new to get your employees involved.

The more creative you are, the better chance you have of getting a payoff from a good idea.  The worst thing that can happen is that it doesn’t work and you try something new.

When you are planning new projects get feedback from your employees.  They can help make an idea even better.  It’s also important for them to have buy in into idea.  After all it is the employees that will make it happen.  Some ideas to help a roll out of a project go smoother are:


  • Have meetings with your employees to discuss the ideas. Give an overview to the employees during the meetings about the big idea of the project.  Ideally you will have meetings that include members from different departments in your organization.  This will help you come up with comprehensive plan.  Utilize the brainstorming strategies about the roll out I had mentioned in a previous post.  Just to review, when setting up a brainstorming session put up a big paper or use a white board and have everyone throw out ideas.

    Set up ground rules that no one will make judgements about ideas, the goal is to just get the ideas out.  Establish that one person will be facilitator, one person will be a timekeeper, this will help things stay on task and organized.

  • Once you get some ideas together have the group narrow them down to their favorite top 3 implementation ideas.  Take those ideas and have each implementation idea broken down into steps.  Have the group give as much detail as possible and discuss the pros and cons of each plan.  In the end you will want them to have created a document with their best idea and the steps to reach the goal of the project.  It should include what will be done by each department.  That is the advantage of having a working group that has members from multiple department.  They know how things work and give valuable insights into the workings of each department.  Utilizing this strategy you will uncover a better plan.
  • Once your workgroups have developed the plans get their feedback on how they would like the word to get out to the rest of the company. Gather their feedback on what they think is an effective way to communicate the plan.
  • Once you have gathered the feedback along with the plans you can put together the top 3 plans you feel comfortable with implementing and put together a Google form survey for your staff.

    Ask them to select the plan they like the best.  Use your most popular plan for implementation.

    Portrait of confident business group standing in semi-circle and looking at camera
    Portrait of confident business group standing in semi-circle and looking at camera
  • Now that you have your plan for your project to be implemented you need to get the word out to your whole organization. Create a variety of visuals to review the project to help communicate with the company.  Try using a simple infographic along with creating a video or perhaps utilize YouTube live streaming to get out the message to employees.  You can email a short video clip to employees and set up a post on an internal Facebook group where employees can comment.

Following these strategies you will have a great implementation plan and valuable two way communication with your employees.  Keeping the lines of communication open with employees is vitally important for your organization.  This is the key to a positive work culture and having improved internal public relations in your organization.

I decided to start a blog about the topic of maintaining proper public relations within a company – for PR agencies and business owners because I believe there are parts of public relations that get lost sometimes in the focus on big press releases and global goals. There are lots of things to look at that can be easily overlooked.

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