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How to manage Internal Public Relations in a company

As a public relations department in a company (or even if you are a Private Public Relations firm working for a company) you have two main jobs.  One is to promote positive public relations externally to the customers and people who are potential customers and the other is to promote positive internal public relations.

The job is really 50/50,  you can not sacrifice the internal for the external because in the end it will hurt the company.

Many Public Relations departments mistakenly focus mainly on or only on the external public relations.  This is a problem because if the employees are not happy then in the end it will hurt the company.  Unhappy employees are never a good thing.  Unfortunately, making sure your company culture is a positive one is too often put on the back burner because the feeling is they must have good external public relations and thus the emphasis is put there.  This is a mistake, your employees have vital information to the success of your company.


Every company should have an internal public relation campaign with the goal to improve the relationship of companies with their employees through facilitating communication between management and employees.

The result of a good public relations campaign will be improved feelings of employees about their company.  Employees feeling connected and positive about the company they work for.

Employees will feel motivated to work harder when the feel connected to the company and the company’s goals.  It is critical to have a well thought out internal public relations campaign.

A well thought out internal public relations campaign consists of incorporating employees in company plans and goals.  This can increase their buy in and commitment to the success of the plans.  A good campaign consists of a structured plan to seek feedback and perspectives from employees.  This promotes the feeling of employees feeling valued and listened to.

When employees feel valued they feel more connected to their companies and are more likely to work to support the goals of the company with fervor.

Another benefit to keeping communications open besides allowing employees to feel listened to is that companies learn valuable information from their employees.  They see things that management and higher ups do not.  They are involved in day to day operations and will be more likely to see if something is not working well or involves too many steps.  They are in the unique position to have ideas on how to improve efficiency.  It is critical that companies seek out the input of their employees and listen to their valuable information.  It is in the best interest of the company in the end.


When companies create plans or goals it is important that the public relations department gets the information out to the employees.  They should never hear it from customers or people outside the organization first.  That is why for all public relations campaigns, they should be shared with employees first before sharing them externally with the public.  Disseminate information in an effective ways so all employees are sure to see it.  Utilize multiple modes of communication.  Never rely solely on one mode.  Use your email list serves along with a company group page on Facebook.  Have department meetings or host a YouTube live stream and share your plans with your employees.  Make sure they have the opportunity to ask questions and offer feedback before you move to promoting your plans externally with the public.

It is important to have a comprehensive public relations plan for companies and to target both internally and externally with your public relations campaign.

Not looking at both parts of the plan would be a mistake for your company.  It is time well spent when you focus within a company.

I decided to start a blog about the topic of maintaining proper public relations within a company – for PR agencies and business owners because I believe there are parts of public relations that get lost sometimes in the focus on big press releases and global goals. There are lots of things to look at that can be easily overlooked.

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