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Why Public Relations Are Imporatnt

Looks like somebody might need a Public Relations help after seeing herself in FakeTaxi video!

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Improving your internal public relations within your company

Having your employees on board and being part of your company’s plans will help your company be successful.  As I discussed in my previous posts it is vital to have your employees in mind when implementing plans and keeping them in the loop for upcoming projects.  Don’t be afraid to try something new to get […]

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How to manage Internal Public Relations in a company

As a public relations department in a company (or even if you are a Private Public Relations firm working for a company) you have two main jobs.  One is to promote positive public relations externally to the customers and people who are potential customers and the other is to promote positive internal public relations. The […]

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2 Ways to Maintain Good Public Relations in your Company

Having good public relations in your company is incredibly important.  It is impossible for a company to become successful if they do not have happy employees who feel connected and invested in their company.  Having employees who feel they are important and that their opinion matters will result in staff that is willing to work […]